Are You a Competitive Volleyball Player Who Wants to See Fast, Amazing Improvements in Setting Skills and Become a Truly Game-Changing Setter?

My New Setting Program Will Teach You Hand Setting Mechanics and Drills with the Correct Footwork Progressions 

Dear Setter or Coach,

Would you like to...

  • eliminate double contacts and improve set location?
  • create softer hands with a quicker release?
  • develop speed and quickness specific to the setter position?
  • increase court speed by simply improving footwork? 

You have probably tried learning how to set a volleyball on your own and perhaps even with a coach. Then you quickly realize that unless you’re given simple and effective instructions, setting becomes very difficult and confusing to learn.

If you continue to compete at volleyball without the correct setting mechanics and footwork, this may haunt you forever.

Poor setting habits become ingrained in muscle memory which can make setting extremely difficult and frustrating. Don't let this happen to you.   

Training the Setter DVD

Hi, my name is Dennis Jackson.

I have been involved in volleyball as a coach and player for over 25 years. 

While it’s true that hard work and experience are important to success, you will surely fail if you don't focus on mastering the fundamentals.

The fact is, the top setters in the world ALL have one thing in common... mastering the fundamentals of setting.  


It’s the skills that no other “Training the Setter” DVD out there addresses.

It's common for a setter to struggle with accuracy and consistency.

Many setters also have trouble developing the correct setting mechanics for a quicker and cleaner release.

And then there are other critical factors such as court speed, agility, and footwork.

This DVD SET will teach you the secrets to training like the best setters in the world. 

With my new Training the Setter Two Disc DVD Set, gain masterful setting skills with a proven step by step coaching system.

The DVDs are compatible with most consumer electronics DVD devices including portable, car and DVD players and recorders. You could also play the DVDs via the optical disc drive of your PC or MAC.

Here's what's included:

DVD #1 -Training the Setter DVD is a 4 Part Training Series.

Run Time: 52 Minutes


  • Setting Posture. It all starts with posture. If you have a lazy ready position, you end up late getting to the ball. Don't make the critical mistake of incorrect setter posture.  
  • Squaring the Hips and Shoulders. Understanding when and how to square up is important for setting accuracy and consistency. 
  • High Contact Point. The contact point is key in being deceptive with your sets.
  • Quick Hands. Developing strong and fast hands is critical and actually easier than most people think.
  • Superior Back Sets. If you want to compete at a high level as a setter, you must master the mechanics for superior back setting.


  • Squaring into the Ball. Mastering the skill of "squaring up" is critical to setting the ball cleanly and accurately.
  • Rhythm Setting. Great setters have great timing. The philosophy and drills for "rhythm setting" is a must in order to establish timing and rhythm.  
  • Left-Right Sequence. Every setter needs to master the basics of setter footwork. Inconsistent footwork will always lead to the inconsistent placement of your sets.
  • Left Foot Plant Move and Right Foot Spin Move. Every great setter has had to master the correct footwork patterns for finishing setting moves on a single foot. 
  • Single Foot and Double Foot Jump Sets. Jump setting is a very dynamic skill in volleyball. Jump setting is practically a required skill for high level competition.  


  • Pendulum and Straddle the Line Drills. For many setting drills you don't need a net or even a coach. Here, we are integrating foot speed and quickness with setting drills.  
  • Wall Setting Drills. Not just for beginners, even the best setters should use a wall while continuing to improve setting mechanics. 
  • Setting Target Drills. Setting targets can be very effective because the target provides the setter instant feedback. Drills involving targets are especially valuable for when the setter is being challenged with advanced movement patterns.  


  • Extending Setter Range. The setter mechanics and footwork must constantly be challenged by extending the setter range out on the court.
  • Moving through All 9 Attack Zones. The setter must learn to move quickly and athletically through all nine zones along the net.  
  • Training Deceptive Moves. Often what separates the best setter from every other setter is the ability to trick or deceive the opponent. The setter does this with deceptive moves. These moves keep the block and defense guessing which leads to poor decisions made by the opponent.    

DVD #2 -Setter Speed and Agility DVD will teach you a training program that's designed specifically to improve setter speed and quickness.  

Run Time: 23 minutes

Setter Speed and Agility DVD

Here's what you will get out of this program:

  • "Change of direction speed" for dynamic defense and quickness for chasing difficult passes.
  • Setter conditioning the energy systems specific to the setter position.
  • Movement becomes more efficient, resulting in a quicker and more athletic setter.
  • Eccentric strength necessary for slowing quickly, getting in correct position to set.
  • Setter conditioning the energy systems specific to the setter position.
  • Training the correct work:rest ratio for utilizing setter speed and explosiveness.









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