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Footwork Videos and Biggest Sale of the Year
November 30, 2019

Learning the correct footwork patterns is crucial to your success in volleyball. More info at the following link:

Footwork in Volleyball

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Footwork is a necessary component in pretty much all sports. Training the proper footwork will result in increased speed, agility, and quickness that can take your game to the next level.  

To make successful plays, it’s important to focus on the feet. No matter what move you make, movement is always initiated from the ground.

The importance of footwork in volleyball is undeniable. Your feet absorb shock from ground contact which initiates your movement by propelling the body in the desired direction.

This is the main point...good footwork results in achieving the correct position at the correct time. 

And your feet aren’t the only two parts of your body to carry out this complex task. Your hips play an important role in your footwork as well. The hips are farther up the kinetic chain and facilitate foot movement drastically.

And a volleyball player with good footwork is better at controlling the center of gravity in their favor.

Not only is overcoming the difficulties of one’s center of gravity extremely beneficial for stability and change of direction, but it is also critical to maintaining balance throughout range of motion. 

Especially in the sport of volleyball, agility becomes indispensable and without proper footwork, agile movement cannot be achieved.

When you watch elite volleyball players move quickly and precisely, you will notice that their bodies are in total control throughout the movement because of their solid, deliberate footwork. 

A big reason footwork has a high importance in volleyball is because solid footwork has the ability to reduce your risk of injury. With skilled footwork, the volleyball player can be in the desired position while maintaining proper form to reduce the chances of injury.

And to compete at a high level, footwork needs to be executed in a timely and precise manner.

It's important to understand there's more to footwork than just creating fast feet. There are specific footwork patterns for each position on the team. 

For example, a setter needs to train footwork patterns that make it easier for the setter to get in position to set. For a setter to be good at delivering consistent accurate sets, the setter needs to develop consistent footwork for getting in the correct position to make the play. 

Same goes for the hitter. So many hitters struggle at timing the hit...for many, this is the most difficult part of hitting.

And it's training the feet that's key... this training allows the hitter to adjust the steps to time the hit correctly... being in the correct position at the correct time to execute a successful attack.

For more information and video instruction on footwork, go to the following page.

Footwork in Volleyball

Wishing you Success,
Dennis Jackson

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