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Volleyball Training Journal issue 005
September 18, 2007

1) Defensive Tips for Making Unusual Plays

2) Plyometric Exercises for Volleyball



Often times players get caught out of position when trying to make a play on the ball.

Here are a few tips for making tough defensive plays on balls out of reach, tipped short, and hit deep.

1. Playing a short tip. J-Ball or ‘run through’. A ‘run through’ is when a player sprints to a ball that is falling short in front of them.

So as you pass the ball, run through it. The idea is it’s easier to just run through than try and stop to pass. The j-ball technique is commonly used for ‘run throughs’.

2. Playing the deep ball. Overhead pass with two hands. Often times players get caught playing too short and the ball is hit over their head.

Reach up high with two hands or jumping up to play the ball with the hands using a setting motion.

Other techniques for playing the ball up overhead include the tomahawk and overhead poke.

3. Playing a hard hit to the face. Often times players get caught deciding whether to play a ball with their forearms or whether to play it with their hands.

For this reason, players should practice digging balls hit right at their face.

Follow the link for tips and a description of these playing techniques with photos.

Plyometric Exercises for Volleyball

Because of all the work teams need to do to improve playing skills and prepare for matches and tournaments, coaches don’t feel they can afford to spend a large amount of time with team strength and conditioning.

Fortunately, by just spending 5 to 10 minutes a day doing plyometric exercises, teams can effectively increase strength and quickness.

Plyometic exercises range from...

(low intensity) ankle hops, standing vertical jumps, skipping, and the squat jumps

(medium intensity) split squat jumps, tuck jumps, and pike jumps

(high intensity) squat depth jumps, depth jumps, and single leg jumps

Follow this link for a description of plyometric exercises with photos.

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