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Volleyball Training Journal issue 001
May 29, 2007

Welcome to the first issue!

This website came alive January 2007 and has been growing ever since.

"To be fast, you must train fast"


TO BE FAST, YOU MUST TRAIN FAST: One of the most basic training concepts that should be applied to conditioning is specificity. Specificity is training in a specific manner to produce a specific adaptation.

The S.A.I.D. principle is related to specificity and applies to all athletic movement. S.A.I.D. stands for, Specific Adaptation to Imposed Demands. This simply means that your body will adapt to whatever you ask it to.

The key is to ask your body for the right thing.

For example, volleyball consists of quick explosive movements.

Strategies for playing defense involve you being able to react quickly to your opponents hits and shots.

Skills for attacking involve quick explosive steps to jump high up off the ground.

If this is true, then why would you run long distances in training? Running slowly, i.e. jogging laps or even miles at a slow pace is only asking your body to become slow.

Remember specificity and the S.A.I.D. principle?

A more effective method of training to get in good "volleyball shape" would be to simply just play the sport. This only makes sense, so why is it that the same coaches that want their players to be quicker and faster make them go on long runs for conditioning and even test their players in these long distances?

This is crazy, and the worst part is that the best finishers are praised.

This is like saying, "Congratulations! You're the fastest slow runner on the team!"

So for all of you out there that are training with slow training protocols, it's time for a change.

If you want to be slow, train slow. If you want to be fast, you must train fast.

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