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Volleyball Training Journal issue 014
June 02, 2008

Using Momentum in Volleyball
************************************************** USING MOMENTUM IN VOLLEYBALL

You've no doubt felt the "shift in momentum" during a volleyball game. One moment everything is going your way, then the next moment your team can't doing anything right.

Your coach may decide to call a timeout to stop the momentum. If you're having trouble passing, your coach may make adjustments to serve receive. If your team can't find a way to put the ball away, your coach might make adjustments to the offensive strategy.

Being able to use momentum is very important to being successful in volleyball.

Having momentum in volleyball is important because it makes the game so much easier to play when you have momentum.

Momentum can be an unstoppable force in volleyball and you should know how to use it.

You can even use momentum to beat teams that are better than you.

For example, you can grab momentum on any give play. Even the best teams have weaknesses. If you can force your opponent to do what they aren't good at, you have a better chance at winning the rally.

Just by winning one rally, you can grab back momentum.

Momentum can be taken away on any play, so take advantage of any opportunity you have to exploit your opponents weaknesses.

The only way to lose momentum is by changing what is working for you...this is done by you changing your game plan or your opponents making adjustments to what they are trying to do.

If what you're doing is working, keep doing it

When you win a rally, you have momentum. With every rally you win, you build more momentum.

When your team has momentum, your team is confident. When you have momentum, what you're trying to do is working and it's much easier to play because you don't have to figure out what to do.

When your opponent has the momentum, it may be tough to get it back. If you don't have a strategy and don't know what to do, you lose confidence in your team and yourself.

If you lose momentum, you might be worried about losing. You might worry that you aren't good enough or you don't know what to do. You've likely lost confidence in yourself and may feel lost.

If you don't have mementum, you need to get it back. And you can always get it back.

Having momentum makes playing much easier because you don't have to figure out what to do next. You just continue to do what works.

Momentum can be won or lost on any given when you have a strategy that works, it's important to continue doing it.

Make adjustments to steal back momentum

If your game plan isn't working, you might need to make adjustments. You can gain back control of the match by changing your game plan.

Always have a plan

It's amazing to me to think many teams play without a strategy.

You need to always have a game plan before you set foot onto the court.

If your team has a strategy, it helps players focus on what they are trying to do. With a strategy, you can be specific to what you're trying to accomplish. Being specific is key to being successful. If you have specific goals when you are playing, it's much easier to focus and make plays.

Every player should have a strategy.

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