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Volleyball Training Journal issue 023
March 04, 2009

Learning the beach game has many advantages such as teaching how to deal with adversity, developing weaknesses, and learning how to scheme.

Should you be wearing ankle braces?

Overcoming adversity is a big part to being successful in sports.

Volleyball is just like other sports in that negative things are going to happen and you must have an answer for overcoming them.

Both coaches and player’s need to have a plan for overcoming adversity.

In these tough situations, the coach can’t always call a timeout or do something that helps get the team back on track. There will always be a time when a player needs to step up and make a play to take back momentum.

Here are a couple key tips to overcoming adversity…

1) Focus on what you have control over. There’s nothing you can do about officiating, your opponent’s skill level, the weather, or your past performance. If you get psyched out because your opponent blocks you three times in a row, you’re not reacting appropriately to a difficult situation. If you hit a ball out of bounds because you’re still thinking about a point you lost because of a bad call, you haven’t reached the point of being able to keep your poise in tough situations.

2) If everything around you is negative, you must fight to think positively. No matter what, you must put your mind in a place that will let you deal with whatever happens in a positive way. Your opponent may make a key play or you might get a bad break. In these situations it’s important to continue to think positively.

Momentum is a big part of success in volleyball. The goal should be for the player to be focused and willing to make the next play that will give their team momentum.

A big advantage to playing beach doubles is learning how to overcome adversity.

Follow the link for more on how playing beach volleyball will make you a better player.



From what I’ve learned about wearing braces, any kind of braces, whether it’s a knee brace or a weight belt that's used to help brace your core when lifting heavy weights, braces aren’t always a good thing.

Wearing ankle braces has become so common and it concerns me that many coaches don’t stop to question whether they are necessary or if the restriction could possibly keep you from being a more athletic volleyball player.

Ankle braces aren’t necessarily worn to improve performance, but to help with protection from injury. But could ankle braces mess with your movement technique and restrict your ankles, knees, or hips from developing correctly?

Are our athlete's missing out on strengthening their ankles by wearing volleyball ankle supports or ankle braces?

Follow the link for my newest page on ankle supports.

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