Sand Volleyball
Becoming a Complete Player

Sand volleyball has many advantages. More and more indoor players are improving their game by learning how to play on the beach.

Develop All Your Skills

The big advantage of playing beach volleyball is the fact that it forces you to develop all your skills. This is why it's usually a good idea to play volleyball in the sand.

If you've been playing sand for awhile, you may have noticed that when an indoor player comes and plays on the beach for the first time, they really struggle. This is because it's much harder to take your indoor skills to the beach.

Playing in the sand is very challenging because you're on an unstable surface. The sand makes it harder to move and get in position to make plays. It's even more challenging if you're playing doubles or fours because you aren't used to having to cover that much court.

The strategy for doubles and four person is much different and it's not that surprising many indoor players have trouble making the transition to the beach.

Sand volleyball skills and strategy

Blocking and Defending in Beach Volleyball

There is mixed opinion among most coaches on whether or not playing on the beach is good for indoor. Many coaches don't want their player's playing on the beach because they believe they'll develop bad habits.

For example, when playing doubles, you're often out of position and must use unorthodox techniques to make plays.

Learning to hit shots in sand volleyball

Learning to Hit Shots

Then there are coaches that actually encourage their indoor player's to play beach volleyball. Many coaches believe that learning those techniques will only improve their performance indoor.

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Sand Volleyball Training Tips

Advantages for Learning the Beach Game

Learn by coaching
When you play sand volleyball, you likely won't have a coach. This can be a really great thing because it forces you to coach yourself and work with your teammate.

By not having a coach, you could actually be more motivated, efficient, and active due to lowered inhibitions and an increased sense of purpose.

Sand volleyball skills and strategy

Approach Fast to Jump High

Become a Complete Sand Volleyball Player

Playing doubles forces you to develop your weak skills.

For example, if your partner passes the serve, you must go set the ball.

If you can't set very well, your opponent will likely serve your partner often, forcing you to set. You must learn how to set or you'll lose.

Sand volleyball skills and strategy

Seeing the Court and Hitting Smart

Learn to Have a Plan

Doubles forces you to learn strategy and create a game plan.

For example, after just a few serves, you can likely tell which player is the weaker passer.

One strategy would be to serve the weaker passer, forcing her partner to set the bad pass.

Sand volleyball skills and strategy

Developing Your Complete Game on the Beach

Another strategy would be to see which player is the weakest setter.

If one player can't set their partner very well, it might be best to serve forcing the bad setter to set. These are examples of learning to play volleyball with a game plan.

Having a plan is going to give you confidence and make the game much easier to play.

When you transition back to playing indoor, your team will benefit from your new found confidence and ability to scheme.

Sand Doubles is Fun!

Playing on the beach can be a nice break from indoor. You're out in the sun, playing volleyball with your friends.

Another advantage of sand volleyball is the fact there isn't pressure of performing well or letting your team down like you have with the indoor game.

Sand volleyball skills and strategy

Learning All the Skills in Volleyball Gives you Confidence

Also, with indoor volleyball almost being a year round sport these days, sand volleyball is a great way to get away and relax playing the sport you love.

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