Basic Volleyball Equipment
Gear you need to play volleyball

Basic volleyball equipment includes shoes, knee pads, athletic shorts (spandex), and a volleyball.

A Volleyball

You want a volleyball that is spherical with a flexible, smooth leather or leatherlike cover of 12 or more panels with a separate bladder.

It's best if the ball is uniform, light in color or a combination of colors. The air pressure in the ball should be between 4.3 and 4.6 pounds per square inch.

When playing in an official match, all balls used must have the same characteristics regarding color, circumference, weight, inside pressure and manufacturer.

Basic Volleyball Equipment

Volleyball Setter Target

Indoor Net Systems

A regulation net is 1 meter wide and 9.5 meters long. It's constructed of 10 centimeter (4-inch) square mesh.

The antennae on the net are flexible rods made of fiberglass. They are 1.8 meters long and 10 millimeters in diameter.

The upright poles used to hold the net should have padding, as does the officials stand.

Outdoor Net Systems

Nets that have telescoping poles are usually the best because this type of net system is easy for setup and is also portable.

An easy to adjust push-button locking system is also recommended.

Basic Volleyball Equipment Uniform and Shorts

The uniform consists of a jersey plus shorts or briefs, pants, or culottes.

With the exception of the libero, teammates must wear uniforms of the same color, style, cut, and trim.

The libero wears a different color uniform and is the only player on the team in this uniform.

Shoes, socks, and knee pads aren't considered to be part of the uniform and aren't required to be identical.

Popular Gear for Competitive Volleyball

Volleyball Knee Pads

Knee pads are an important part of the volleyball uniform. In order to play volleyball aggressively, every player needs to have the needs well protected. 

Knee pads are important for making athletic defensive plays diving to the floor. 

There are also many serve receive and defensive techniques that involve going to the knees. The knee pads provide added support for performing such skills as volleyball knee drops.

Volleyball Shoes

Every sport you requires the appropriate athletic shoes. And not all sports shoes are created equal. Volleyball shoes tend to lighter than baskeball shoes. Volleyball shoes also don't have a high heel lift.  


Volleyball socks that wick away sweat are a must.

Low Rider Shorts

You gotta look good out there on the court. Looking like a real volleyball player is part of success.

Jewelry and other Basic Volleyball Equipment

Players should remove all jewelry. Rings, necklaces, and even earrings can get caught in the net or can harm another player.

In volleyball practice or gym class, players should dress in shorts and a t-shirt or sweats and always wear sneakers.

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