Volleyball Practice Drills
Fun, competitive drills to help focus

By making volleyball practice drills competitive, players will be more motivated and it will be easier for them to focus on succeeding at the volleyball drill. 

Obviously, most volleyball players like to play games. 

Fun drills such as Golf and Volleyball Net Save keep players interested in the drill because it's a competitive game.

Adjust volleyball practice drills to spark interest and motivate players.

Create drills where you keep score or set goals that work to make players compete against one another or work together as a team. 

Volleyball Practice Drills

Golf - Volleyball Practice Drills

Purpose This is a fun game that helps develop serving accuracy. The object is to serve to all serving zones of the court in as few serves as possible. 

First start with zone 1 (right back). Once you get a serve into that zone, serve to zone 2 (right front). Continue on around to zone 6 (middle back position). 

Keep track of the total number of serves (strokes) that it takes to accurately serve to all zones. 

Variations Players can serve one right after the other. Who serves to all zones first wins. 

Change the order of zones to serve to. 

1 on 1 serving passing - Volleyball Practice Drills

This is a 1 on 1 game, server against a passer. You also need a target for catching the passes. 

The server must serve the ball within one step of the passer. If the serve is good, the passer must pass the ball within one step of the target. 

The passer's continues passing until 3 good passes. 

This is a good volleyball practice drill for both improving serving and passing accuracy. It is essential for players that have developed good passing skills to perform passing drills that focus on perfect repetitive passing to engrain passing form. 

Serving Web - Volleyball Practice Drills

Purpose Serving Web Drills are fun volleyball practice drills that motivate players to work on serving accuracy and to work together as a team. 

Divide your players up into halves, one half on each serving line. Send one player from each team to the opposite side of the court and have them lie down on their stomach. 

The object of the game is to serve and hit your teammate with the ball. The serve can hit the player on any part of their body. Each time the player can reach the serve, the server runs over and joins the teammate on the floor linking hand to hand or feet to feet. Servers now have two players they can hit to join them on the floor. 

The players that are part of the web need to stay in contact with the floor or the hit doesnt count. 

Passer Repetition Drill - Volleyball Practice Drills

Purpose The purpose is to work on consistent sets by setting the ball continually at a rapid pace. 

Two players (a passer and a setter) stand on the same side of the net. 

Another player stands on the opposite side of the net. 

The setter stands where the setter would normally set from (the target position) and the passer stands in a back row passing position. 

The player standing on the opposite side of the net tosses a ball (or hits a down ball) over the net to the passer who then passes the ball to the setter. The setter catches then bounce passes the ball under the net back to the player tossing. 

As the setter is catching and bouncing the ball back to the tosser, the tosser is throwing another ball over the net. The toss should be thrown immediately after the passer passes the ball to keep the volleyball practice drill fast paced. This drill is designed to get a lot of passes done in a short amount of time. 

Volleyball Net Save - Volleyball Practice Drills

Purpose Training to playing the ball out of the net. 

This game can be played simultaneously on both sides of the net allowing for player competition. Line up a group of players on each side of the net. 

Have a line of players to save the ball off the net. For this drill you also need a setter and a target. 

The setter sets the ball that is played out of the net. The target is the player standing outside ready to catch the set. 

The coach throws a ball into the net and the defender tries to play the ball up so the setter can set the ball. 

A point is awarded if the set ball is a decent set to hit. This drill is difficult, but develops an important fundamental skill of playing the ball out of the net. 

Play a game to between 5 and 10. 

Volleyball practice drills should not only improve individual player and team skills but should also be fun. 

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