Volleyball Passing Drills
Volleyball drills for developing your passing skills

Volleyball passing drills are important because if you can't pass, then can't set and hit. 

Pipeline Passing

The purpose of this volleyball drill is to improve volleyball player lateral movement while forearm passing.

This volleyball drill needs two players. Place two dotted lines of the court about 10 feet apart. All passing occurs between these lines. After one player passes the ball to her partner, she must shuffle sideways to her right and touch the sideline. Next, she must shuffle back before the pass arrives back from her partner. After 10 passes each, shuffle to the left sideline for 10 more.

Players learn how to get into proper passing position when tired. This volleyball passing drill can also be used for conditioning. The passer can improve lateral movement speed and agility.

Increase the distance players have to travel to make the drill more difficult. Also, players passing the ball lower can make the volleyball drill more challenging.

Use this for conditioning by first starting at 10 repetitions and then add a couple repetitions each workout.

Volleyball Passing Drills

Partner Passing Series

All players need one partner and a ball. The purpose of the drill is for players to learn to effectively adjust their passing platform when getting into position to pass. Players should focus on moving their feet to get into good passing position.

First Progression
The first player tosses the ball to the second player who then passes the ball straight up to herself. The player then adjusts her feet and passing platform so the ball is in line with the center of her body. The player then passes the ball to her partner. This drill can be done in a continuous manner. 

Second Progression
The next progression of these volleyball passing drills starts the same as the first with the player tossing the ball to their partner who then passes the ball straight up to herself. This time, the player turns so her right side is facing her partner and then adjusts her feet position and passes the ball angling her passing platform behind the ball. Players can alternate passing from their right and left sides.

Third Progression
The final progression of these volleyball passing drills involves players alternating between short quick passes and high passes. The quick passes are for replicating passing technique for passing easy serves or free balls. Passing the volleyball low and straight to your target can often lead to an advantage for running a quicker offense. The high pass may replicate a high bump set out to an outside hitter.

Players learn how to adjust their positioning depending on where they want to pass the ball. This drill also trains players to use their legs when passing.

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Passing Volleyball Drills

Individual Bounce Pass Pass

This drill begins with a line of players at the endline facing the volleyball net. The coach stands near middle front position on the court. The first player in line starts the drill by lying on their stomach on the ground looking at the coach.

The coach slaps the ball and the player gets up off the floor by pushing up with their arms. As the player is getting up, the coach bounce passes the ball in the direction of the player. The player performs a run through technique to successfully get to the ball and pass it to the target.


You can also have the players perform the drill near their base defensive positions. This will make the volleyball drill more game-like.


Players need to be comfortable getting up off the floor quickly to make defensive plays. The drills exploding up off the ground component is good for training volleyball conditioning.

Basket Passing Drill

The purpose of this volleyball drill is to improve forearm passing accuracy.

This volleyball passing drill needs one server and three passers. The object of the drill is to use forearm passing skills to pass the volleyball into the basket at the target position.

Line up 3 passers in serve receive. The server serves the ball as controlled and accurate as they can. They want to serve the ball in a way that is easiest for the passers to pass. We want the passers to develop the mind set that they are going to pass accurate every single time.

To make the volleyball drill easier...

  • Move the server closer to the passers for more accurate serving.
  • The server could serve high easy top spin for more consistent serving and easier balls for passing.
  • Count the balls that hit the basket as good passes, not just the ones that go in.

To make the volleyball drill harder...

  • Have the server serve as tough as they'd like to.
  • Make the volleyball passing drill into a game of server vs. passers. 
  • Volleyball passing drills are often a lot more fun if they are turned into a competition or game.


Players learn to focus really hard on passing accurately. Even when the pass is really close to the basket, if it doesn't hit it, it doesn't count. This makes the players really focus on passing better the next time. 

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