Club Volleyball
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Club volleyball is a sport that's growing very fast in the United States.

Junior Olympic Volleyball

USA Volleyball provides an opportunity for girls and boys ages 10-18 of varying abilities to develop their volleyball skills through practice and competition.

Often referred to as Junior Olympic Volleyball, hundreds of thousands of girls and boys each year participate in volleyball tournaments sanctioned through USA Volleyball.

Club Volleyball

Club Setting

Top Reasons to Play Club Volleyball

1. You love volleyball and have a great time playing. Since there are so many opportunities to play club, there's no pressure to succeed and make the team. There are tons of teams to choose from and just play the sport for fun.

2. Club gives you the experience you need to play in high school or college. As you probably know, volleyball is a very technical sport when it comes to developing sport specific skills. The more experience you get playing volleyball, the more successful you'll be. It takes a lot of practice to become good at volleyball. Club provides an opportunity to improve your skills all year round.

Boys Volleyball

How to Hit in Boys Volleyball

3. You're more likely to make the high school team if you play club. High school coaches want their players to play club. Players that play club will get much needed experience and improve their volleyball skills. High school coaches know how much you'll improve by playing club, so if you do play club, your chances of making the high school team will be much greater.

4. Club will prepare you to play in college. If you play club, you have an opportunity to play volleyball at a high level. There are all different levels of club teams. Play on a great club team and you'll likely become good enough to play in college.

5. You're more likely to get recruited to play in college if you play club. Club is another opportunity for college coaches to see you play. The more you are seen, the better your chances are of playing in college. College coaches like to recruit players from great club teams. If you play on a winning team, you're more likely to be recruited because college coaches want to recruit winners.

Top Reasons Club Volleyball isn't for You

1. Too expensive. Just like most club sports, club volleyball can be very expensive. It can cost as much as $800 a year to play on a team that doesn't travel. Most traveling teams cost at least $1,200. This is includes 1 or 2 national qualifiers. The most expensive clubs will cost between $2,000 and $3,000. However, a good thing about many top level clubs is that they will guarantee a college scholarship.

Girls Club

How to Pass in Girls Volleyball

2. Club takes up a lot of time. Most club teams will play in 8 to 10 tournaments a year including a national qualifier. Most teams are practicing 2 to 3 times a week with tournaments on the weekends. Volleyball will take up a lot of time, especially if you must travel a great distance to and from practice.

3. You're just not that into volleyball. Playing club takes a real commitment. If you decide to play club, you're going to be playing a lot of volleyball. If you're not really that into playing volleyball, club may not be for you.

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Club volleyball

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