Volleyball Conditioning
Sport Specific Training and Exercises

Although most coaches are mainly focused on player skills when coaching, volleyball conditioning should be part of every player's preparation strategy.

Are You in Shape for Volleyball?

Conditioning is an important aspect of preparation because volleyball consists of many athletic plays and skills that are physically demanding.

In order to excel, an athlete should bring an entire strategy to their training that includes volleyball specific conditioning.

Conditioning plays a vital role in a player's ability to develop and enhance various skills.

Highly skilled attacker's have good timing on their approaches when hitting. They also are able to hit the ball in the right direction at the right height and speed. They often have the ability to place the ball where they want to in their opponent's court.

Volleyball Conditioning

The best blocker's are skilled at doing combinations of lateral movements and jumps to get in position to block.

Setter's need to react to their teammate's passes and get in correct position to set their hitter's. The most athletic setter's often make it look easy.

Libero's and other defensive player's need to dig their opponent's hard swings and pick up cut shots and tips. The best libero's react and move proficiently in the correct direction to make plays on the ball.

These are the skills that player's work on during practice and in scrimmages.

Often the difference between winning and losing is an athlete's level of sport-specific training. Assessing physical talents and abilities is important in designing successful volleyball conditioning programs.

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Conditioning tips specifically for volleyball

The main factors that influence the design of sport-specific conditioning programs are...

  • strength
  • power
  • speed
  • agility
  • mobility

  • flexibility
  • coordination
  • quickness
  • local muscular endurance
  • aerobic capacity

Flexibility aids in the development of conditioning and coordination. Both static flexibility and dynamic flexibility are important for volleyball training. An athlete with flexibility generates acceleration over a greater range of motion, thereby increasing speed.

A volleyball player's quality of movement is affected by flexibility. Flexibility training for volleyball should be applied with purpose. When a player has command of their flexibility, they are able to play their sport more strongly, quickly, and expressively.

It is also appropriate to do energy system development for volleyball conditioning to train volleyball specific endurance. The method of training must equal the physical demands specific to volleyball.

The key objectives of volleyball conditioning are to develop strength and explosive power along with agility.

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