Volleyball Terms
Learning Terminology of the Game

Here are some basic volleyball terms.

A serve is an ace when the other team shanks the serve or the ball hits the floor without anyone touching it.

Stuff Block
A stuff block is when a player jumps above the net and blocks the ball back into the person that spiked the ball.


A kill is when a team spikes the ball and it is successfully put away.

Six Pack
A six pack occurs when a defensive player gets hit in the head or face by a spiked ball. Also called a facial.

Paint Brush
When the hitter swings and barely "brushes" the bottom of the ball. The ball often drops over the blockers for a kill.

Deliberately hitting the ball off the block for a kill. This is also called using the block or a wipe.

Volleyball Terms

Youth Player Terms

When a player jumps above the net to block, and blocks the ball straight down.

A lollipop is a very easy serve. This serve is often done with a high arc which is easy to pass. When you serve a lollipop you will probably get licked.

A redwood is a tall awkward blocker. Redwoods arent very mobile.

To be nailed in the chest by a hard serve or spike.

A player gets tagged when they cant get out of the way of a hard hit ball.

Swipe or Wipe
When a hitter pushes the ball off of the opposing block so it lands out of bounds. Also called tooling the block.

Kong Block
A one-handed block like the move King Kong does on the biplanes in the original King Kong movie.

A tuna is when a player commits a very obvious net violation. Also called a flounder.

A really bad double contact on a hand set is often called chowder.

Learning Volleyball lingo

Phrases by Youth Players

Prince/Princess of Whales
A player who spikes the ball as hard as possible no matter what.

Sizzle the Pits
Hard spike that travels under the blocker's raised arms just past their arm pits.

Bringing the Heat
A particularly hard spike.

Here Comes the Heater
The opponent may call out "Here comes the heater" when a server that is known for serving really hard jump serves is going back to serve.

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Volleyball terms to know. Do you know all the volleyball terms? Volleyball is a competitive team sport that is played by two teams of six players separated by a net.

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