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Water bottle review of the different types of water bottles. From this page you'll discover the many different options for water bottles.

The name of this water bottle is the Contigo Autoseal.

This water bottle has an automatic seal feature. 

This bottle also allows you to easily drink with only using one hand. Simply push the button with your thumb as you hold the bottle in one hand to drink.

This bottle also has a loop at the top that allows you to easily carry the bottle when on-the-go. This can be important when you need to grab your bottle quickly in practice or during a tournament.

The size of the bottle is also small enough to fit most car cup holders.

And of course this bottle comes with a lifetime warranty.

Contigo Autoseal Water Bottle Review

The advantage of this bottle is it helps prevent spills and leaks. Having a bottle that doesn't easily spill is good for volleyball because water bottles often get knocked over by flying volleyballs. You don't want to get a yellow card team delay warning because you have a major water bottle spill to clean up!

So when you're working at the scorers table, just remember, you won't have to worry about your bottle getting knocked over and spilling water all over the scoresheet.

Contigo AUTOSEAL Grace Reusable Water Bottle, 32oz, Cobalt

A Great Water Bottle Review, but a Couple Concerns

If you're going to carry this bottle in your backpack, you might place it in a pocket on the outside if you can because if you just lay it inside the backpack, something could hit the button by accident and cause a spill.

Also, the diameter of the opening isn't very big, so it's tough to put ice in. 

The loop on the top of the bottle doesn't have a clip to easily attach to a bag, but it is pretty sturdy. It would be possible to attach a carabiner or something similar.

You could keep this bottle in the fridge if you wanted it to be cold. However, I wouldn't freeze it.

I do like that you don't need a staw to drink from this bottle. You push the button on the back and drink it like drinking out of a cup. 

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Pogo 40oz BPA-Free Tritan Plastic Water Bottle Review

This water bottle is plastic and BPA-Free. It's also a dishwasher safe water bottle.

Three main features are...

  • There's a protective lid/cover to help prevent leaks.
  • There's a built in loop to make carrying the bottle easier.
  • There's a wide-mouth opening that's makes' it easier to put in ice. The wider opening also helps make cleaning easier.

There are also different sizes and colors available. Fuchsia, gey, purple, teal, and pink.

There's also a stainless steel version if you don't want plastic.

This bottle doesn't fit into a standard size car cup holder. 

The bottle holds 42oz of liquid. And it's about the height of a 2 liter bottle, but a little thinner. 

Like most water bottles, it's not recommended to put hot liquids in it.

The bottles are made of Eastman Tritan plastic which is durable enough to withstand most breaks.

The 40oz jug lid is the same as the 32 ounce bottle lid. The base of the bottle is 3 1/4 inches which is slightly wider than the 32 oz. It doesn't appear to fit in a cup holder like the 32 oz does.

The measurement on the lid outside to outside edge is 2 7/8 inches and the inside measurement is 2 1/2 inches.

It's pretty tall for the dishwasher, but easy to wash by hand.

Overall, of the cheaper bottles out there, it's a pretty good water bottle.

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