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Volleyball Training Journal issue 033
February 28, 2010




1. Genetics and Volleyball

Training, diet, and other factors play a large role in developing our potential, but our genes also influence how we perform in volleyball.

Genetics have a large influence over strength, muscle size, and muscle fiber type (slow twitch or fast twitch), anaerobic threshold, lung capacity, flexibility, and, to some extent, endurance.

You've probably heard of the phrases slow-twitch and fast-twitch.

These terms refer to different types of fiber that we have in our muscles.

The fiber makeup that each of us has in our muscles is somewhat variable, and is largely determined through genetic inheritance from our parents.

Do you know what muscle fiber types are best for volleyball players?

Visit the following page for more information on training muscle the right way for volleyball.


2. The Basic Meaning of Winning and Key Character Traits of Successful Volleyball Players

"Winning is overcoming obstacles to reach a goal, but the value in winning is only as great as the value of the goal reached."

There's a big difference between being concerned about winning and being concerned about making the effort to win.

If you're only concerned about winning, you're focused on something you can't control. Whether or not you win or lose has to do with both you and your opponents skills and effort.

Many times when an athlete is emotionally attached to results that can't be controlled, he tends to become too anxious and then tries too hard.

But what you can control is the effort you put in. One can always do the best he can at any given moment.

Since you won't feel anxiety about what you can control, the mere awareness that you are using maximum effort will carry you past the problem of anxiety.

Thus, instead of wasting this energy towards dealing with anxiety, you can use this energy to maximize your effort to win.

Do you have the right mindset to be successful in volleyball?

On the following page I discuss some important character traits of successful volleyball players.

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