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Volleyball Training Journal issue 041
December 13, 2010





A good volleyball strength program has exercises for preventing injuries and improving strength and power for volleyball.

Most volleyball shoulder related injuries can actually be prevented. For more information, visit my latest page on preventing shoulder injuries.



Will improving your ability to anticipate make you a better player?

Here are a few reasons reading plays and anticipating is important in volleyball.

Anticipation improves quickness. The early you anticipate the play, the earlier you'll be in position. If you're good at anticipating, then you'll be quicker moving to the ball and making the play.

Anticipation skills improve confidence. Improving your ability to anticipate will help you learn fundamental techniques such as passing and hitting. This is because anticipation tends to help you focus better. The more you stay focused, the more confident you'll be in making plays.

You conserve energy. Players that anticipate don't freak out and tend to move more efficiently around the court. When playing in big matches, you might feel pressure to make plays which results in energy loss. If you anticipate well, you won't feel as much pressure and have more energy because you aren't as stressed. This is especially important when playing in tough conditions like hot and humid weather or in deep sand on the beach.

The better you are at predicting what's going to happen next, the more likely you'll be in good position to make a play.

Basically, if you become good at anticipating, then playing volleyball will become easier.

Would you like tips on how to improve anticipation? Follow the link for my latest page on improving anticipation skills.

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