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The Secret to Spiking Harder
August 09, 2017

Ready to learn how to spike really hard?

Watch this Spiking Video 

A question I get asked all the time is…

How do I get my attackers to hit the ball harder?

Quite often the issue has to do with Rotational

Rotational power is basically an athlete’s
ability to transfer force through a stable mid-

Think of the difference between…

1) throwing darts and
2) a baseball outfielder throwing a ball to
home plate

When playing a game of darts, it's all about

You want to avoid any unneeded movement
because extra movement could throw you off

Throwing darts is all elbow and wrist. 

When throwing a baseball really fast, you’ll
notice when preparing to throw, the body
opens up and stretches out wide.

When throwing a baseball, the hips turn and
the chest is stretched. 

When throwing darts, you are just focused on
being accurate, so it is not necessary
to rotate at the hips and shoulders.

To throw a baseball far, the body must turn as
you throw.

It is the same when spiking a volleyball. If you
spike like you throw darts, you will never hit
the ball very hard.

A volleyball player that uses a lot of rotational
power is one that is able to drive a substantial
amount of force from the ground up.

This force is sent through the hips into a
stable core which creates a powerful whip-like
action at the shoulder, elbow, and wrist. 

Follow the link for a video demonstration on
training the technique of spiking to increase
rotational spiking power.

Rotational Spiking Power Video

Wishing you all the best,
Dennis Jackson

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