How to Spike with More Power

In this video you're going to learn what you could do to help your players hit the ball with more power. 

When someone isn’t able to hit the ball very hard, it’s usually because they aren’t turning as they hit.

Developing rotational strength, speed, and power is an incredibly important skill in many sports.

Throwing a baseball and hitting a golf ball are examples of movements in sports that require rotational power.  

Like a pitcher that needs rotational power to throw a fast ball, a volleyball player needs rotational power for spiking. 

Rotational Power for Spiking

The hips turn first… then the shoulders… and the arm comes through last. 

Turning your body as you prepare to hit the ball, allows you to hit the ball much harder. 

Opening the hips and shoulders to prepare to attack. 

Rotating the hips and shoulders in the air to crush the ball.

The key to being able to turn and hit is to always remember to open up the hips and shoulders. So when you approach to hit, don't remain square to the net.

Always open up and get wide before you turn to the hit the ball. 

The Last Two Steps Are Critical

It’s important how your steps finish when you plant to jump.

Big Left Step for Lefties

Big Right Step for Righties

If you’re right handed, then always finish your steps right-left. If you’re left handed, then always finish your steps left-right.

Also, take a big and fast explosive step to the ball. This big step will really help position you to open up. 

So if you’re right handed, it’s a big right followed by the left, then plant and jump. If you’re left handed, it’s a big left followed by the right, then plant and jump.

And remember to always jump up off both feet.

Approaching this way will help you be in a good position for rotating in the air to crush the ball.  

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