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Volleyball Training Journal issue 022
February 04, 2009



There are many misunderstandings relating to how young athletes actually learn.

The following are coaching strategies that many coaches mistakenly use.


Mirroring is when a coach tries teaching by merely getting their players to reflect their actions. In this style, the coach is the most important figure in the relationship in that the athlete is a reflection of him or her.

Empty Buckets

Many coaches make the mistake of assuming that kids have heads that are completely empty of any knowledge or beliefs. The coach attempts to fill up the players head with information in same way you would fill up an empty bucket.


Much like the “empty bucket”, very often a coach will make the assumption that as they deliver information the team will soak it up indefinitely.

Unfortunately, optimal learning doesn’t occur in any of these ways.

Here are the biggest reasons why the previous methods don't work...

- Individual differences among learning styles and personality types aren’t addressed.

- Varying levels of physical maturity and prior athletic experiences aren’t considered.

- Doesn’t account for the needs or interests of each individual athlete.

- Fails to recognize that cognitive processes are important in learning physical skills.

Follow the links and discover volleyball personality types and the 3 main types of coaching styles that most coaches use.

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