Beach Volleyball Women
1990's Women of the AVP and WPVA

The following are 1990's famous beach volleyball women of the WPVA.

Liz Masakayan
Liz Masakayan was voted the most valuable player and best defensive player on the WPVA in 1992.

Masakayan won 12 championships in 1993. Masakayan was voted co-most valuable player along with Karolyn Kirby.

Masakayan and Kirby was the top team on the 1994 WPVA tour. The team advanced to 12 finals, winning 11 times.

Masakayan and Kirby won 3 events in 1995.

Nancy Reno
Nancy Reno was voted the 1992 WPVA most improved player and best blocker.

Reno teamed up with McPeak for a successful season in 1995. Reno was voted best hitter and best blocker. Together, Reno and McPeak won 8 championships.

Reno and Kirby won two events together on the 1996 WPVA. In 1996, Reno was 2nd in wins. Reno advanced to the finals 6 times, winning 5.

Reno had a successful season in 1997, winning tournaments with both Kirby and Hanley.

Valinda Hilary
Valinda Hilary was voted the 1992 WPVA Rookie of the year.

Jackie Silva
Jackie Silva was voted the 1992 WPVA best setter.

Karolyn Kirby
Karolyn Kirby was the top player on the 1992 WPVA tour, reaching the finals 11 times, winning 8 of them.

In 1993, Kirby was the best player once again, winning 13 championships.

Kirby advanced to 6 finals, winning 3 times in 1996.

Beach Volleyball Women

Angela Rock
In 1993, Angela Rock advanced to 10 WPVA championship matches, winning twice.

Rock had a good year in 1996, advancing to 6 finals, winning once. Rock was also voted best server.

Linda Robertson Hanley
Linda Robertson Hanley advanced to 7 WPVA championship matches in 1993, winning twice.

In 1996, Hanley advanced to 9 finals, winning 4 times. She was also voted best hitter.

Lori Forsythe-Kotas
Lori Forsythe-Kotas advanced to the championship match 8 times, winning two events.

Barbara Fontana
Barbara Fontana was a top contender on the WPVA in 1994. Fontana made the finals 9 times, and won 3 events.

Holly McPeak
Holly McPeak was voted WPVA's MVP as well as best defensive player in 1995.

McPeak was the top player on the 1996 WPVA Tour. McPeak advanced to 9 finals, winning 8 of them with two different partners.

McPeak and Lisa Arce dominated the competition in 1997, advancing to 9 finals, winning 7 titles.

Lisa Arce
Lisa Arce had a great year on the WPVA in 1996, advancing to 7 finals, winning 4 times.

Famous Beach Volleyball Women of the AVP

The following are 1990's famous beach volleyball women of the AVP.

Holly McPeak

Holly McPeak
Holly McPeak was one of the best beach volleyball women on the AVP tour in 1993, winning 11 championships.

McPeak teamed up with Cammy Ciareilli in 1994, advancing to 9 finals, winning 5 times.

Cammy Ciareilli
Cammy Ciareilli advanced to 10 finals and won 8 times in the 1993 AVP tour.

Nancy Reno
In 1993, Nancy Reno advanced to 9 AVP championship matches, winning 3 events.

Reno teamed with Angela Rock in 1994. The team was ranked 2nd on the AVP, advancing to 9 finals, winning 4 times.

Sandra Pires
Sandra Pires was voted top rookie on the 1994 AVP tour.

Jackie Silva
Jackie Silva was the 1994 AVP Tour MVP.

Linda Hanley
In 1994, Linda Hanley advanced to 7 finals, winning the AVP championship twice.

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