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So, it’s the first time you’re here, and you’re wondering how to best get started… right?

I know I’ve got a LOT of stuff, and I’m always making new ways to help YOU grow – but I do have a path that you should follow if it’s your first time here.

Step #1 – Watch the Following Video

I’ve created a bunch of different training videos you can watch for FREE, but there are a few that I REALLY recommend you watch first to get started.

The following video is the first in a series of training videos that will teach my VOLLEYBALL TRAINING SECRETS ROAD MAP.

(video coming soon)

Step #2 – Sign Up for My Setter Training Secrets

I don’t want to hammer you with a ton of FREE training until you are ready. If you feel you’re ready, you can sign up below to receive my setter training secrets.

Step #3 – Sign Up for My Strength Secrets

If you feel you’re ready to make a commitment to developing strength and power for volleyball, go ahead and sign up for my strength secrets email list.

Ok, and that’s about it for now!

Have fun training for volleyball!



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