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Left handed spike tips. Before you learn how to spike as a left hander, you need to learn the left-handed footwork for spiking. 

Left Handed Spike Footwork

You need to learn the approach footwork for spiking left-handed.

You first need to learn the 3-step approach. Once you are comfortable taking 3 steps, you can then learn the 4-step approach. 

For the 3 step-approach, start in a position with weight on the left foot, with arms down by your sides. Your steps should be right-left-right.

The rhythm of your steps should be slow to fast. First step is slow, followed by a big quick step. The last foot follows quickly to a two foot plant and jump. 

Use the arms to jump higher. Bring the arms forward on the first step, then bring them backward as you are taking the second step. As you plant to jump, the arms are back. 

For the 4 step approach, start with the left foot back. Take the first step with the left foot, then take the 3 step approach immediately after. 

For the 4 step approach, you want to start further back. The steps are left-right-left-right.

Position to Start the Approach

For preparing to approach from the right side, start from outside the court and come in at an angle. You need to watch the setter and the ball to get a good read on the set. You want to be stepping toward where the ball is being set. Your approach shouldn’t be an arc. Instead, step in a straight line. You want to come in at an angle so you can be open to the ball. You want your body positioned open so you can rotate your shoulders as you hit the ball. This helps create more power. If you approach perpendicular to the net, it will be tough to spike with power. 

When approaching from the left side, your body should be facing the net. For a left handed spike, this will help you be in a good position to rotate your shoulders for spiking the ball either down the line or cross court. 

How to Spike a Volleyball Left-Handed from the Right Side

To place the ball in the left-back corner, contact the ball on the top-right side of the ball. 

To place the ball to the deep middle part of the court, wrap your hand over the top of the ball as you swing towards deep middle. 

To place the ball to the right-back corner, wrap your hand over the ball making contact on the top-left part of the ball. Complete your arm-swing as you follow through across your body. You can rotate your shoulders to take the ball down the line towards zone 5. Just be careful not to over-rotate, sending the out-of-bounds down the line. 

How to Spike a Volleyball Left-Handed from the Left Side

To place the ball across the court in zone 5 or 4, you need to contact the top-left part of the ball. Follow through the arm-swing across your body.

To place the ball to deep middle zone 6, contact the top-middle part of the ball. 

To place the ball down the line to zone 1, contact the top-right part of the ball. 

Tips for Spiking Harder

The key to spiking with more power is…

  1. Body Position
  2. Torque

You need be positioned in the air with the shoulders open. You have more torque if you are in an open position. Get to this open position and then quickly rotate the shoulders as you swing the arm to spike the ball. This rotational movement is the key to a left handed spike with more power.

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Spiking a Volleyball Left Handed

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