Setter Dump 
Attacking Techniques

The setter dump is when the setter attacks on the second contact. The setter is most likely on the front row when dumping the ball. The setter dump is an important skill for setters that set from the front row because if the setter develops this skill, then this will be another way a team can score points. 

How to Setter Dump

First, learn how to jump set. Once you develop a good jump set, then you will be able to successful fool the opponent when attacking the second ball. 

Key to Being Successful Dumping: Deception is the key. The more deceptive you are, the more likely the opponent won’t anticipate your dump coming. 

It’s important you are deceptive because the ball may stay in the air longer than it would during a spike. The longer time the ball is in the air, the more time the opponent has to react and make a defensive play. 

How to Be Deceptive

The key to being deceptive is keeping your hands up as long as you can. Make it look like you are going to set the ball. Having a consistent position for setting will make it much harder for the blockers and defenders to read what you’re doing. 

You always want to be setting an attacker more than you are dumping the ball. The more you set an attacker, the more the opponent will expect the ball to be set and not dumped.

Technique for Dumping

Always get both hands up high for setting. You can then dump the ball with the right hand or dump with your left hand. 

When dumping with your left hand, be sure to let the ball arrive to above your head before you make contact. If you take the ball too soon, then the ball would be in your hands longer. So, it would take longer for the ball to leave your hands. This will give the defense more time to react. You could also be called for a throwing the ball by the referee if you hold the ball too long. 

As you are about to make contact with the ball, turn your hand so your palm is facing the direction you are sending the ball. Take the ball with your pads of your fingers to control the ball. To send the ball downward, be sure to contact the top of the ball. 

1) Get in position to jump set

2) Turn hand to face the court

3) Make contact to the ball above your head

4) Quickly throw the ball down using the pads of your fingers

Right Hand Setter Dump to Zone 4

Let the ball cross the top of the head then have palm face zone 4 as you make contact. Send the ball quickly to zone 4. Dumping with the right hand is often more deceptive because the ball can be dump faster and get to where it’s going faster when the ball is tighter to the net.

When to use the Right Hand?

When the ball is further off the net, that’s when it’s better to use the left hand. If the ball is further off, you can push the ball across your body easier than you could with your right hand.

If the ball is tighter to the net, that’s when it’s best to use your right hand. 

When Should You Dump?

The setter dump is most effective when the opponent is least expecting it. As a setter, pay attention to the blocker. If the blocker is staying with you and doesn’t seem to be concerned about you attacking the ball, then that may be a good time to dump the ball. 

Another good time to dump the ball is in a situation when you need to save the ball. If you are a front row setter and the ball is passed tight to the net, rather than attempting to set a hitter you could send the ball over the net. Practice this move so that you can save your team from a bad situation.

It’s also a good idea to throw in a dump once in a while. This will put pressure on the opponent because it will give the defense something else to worry about.

If your hitters are struggling, this could also be a good time to mix in some second ball dumps. 

Common Mistakes

Putting one arm up too soon.

Only dumping with you jump set. You need to learn to jump set so that your opponent won’t know whether you are going to set or dump the ball.

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