Am I Too Short for Volleyball?

Trust me, you aren't too short for volleyball. Most coaches would prefer to have short players and tall players. Every team needs both short and tall players. 

There are many advantages to being a shorter player. 

For one, shorter hitters are often harder to block. Shorter hitters hit at different angles. Some have a quicker arm-swing. 

If you’re a smaller player, then it’s best to focus on what you have. Maybe you have good ball control. When you jump, look at the block and hit the ball of the blocker. 

If you are worried about if you’re too short to play, it’s often something you don’t have control over. Let the coach decide if you’re too short. All you can do is go out there and try the best you can. 

Short for Volleyball - Tips for Spiking

If you’re a shorter hitter, it’s best to have your sets further off the net. Have your setter set you about 1 meter off the net. This will help you spike the ball around the block. If the ball is set tight, it’s tougher to hit around a big blocker. 

Since you are being set further off the net, then you will need to start your approach further back. It’s important to start your approach far back because you need to take a big approach to jump high. Start further back so you can plant to jump from further back. 

Also, take a look at the blockers and defenders before you start your approach. Key in on where the block and defense is so you can keep them in your peripheral vision as you approach to spike. As a smaller spiker, it’s important to get any advantage you can for spiking. If you can see the block and defense as you are about to spike, then you can make good decisions on where you spike the ball.

Short for Volleyball - Tips for the Libero

If you are a shorter player and playing the libero position, be sure to work on hand setting the ball. The libero can hand set an attacker from beyond the 3-meter line. There will be many situations when the libero will need to step in and hand set the ball. For example, when the setter makes a defensive play, often it’s the libero that steps in to take the pass from the setter.

It’s also important to learn how to set because you may end up being a setter someday. 

As a shorter volleyball player, it’s important to develop all of your skills. Just because you aren’t playing across the front row today, doesn’t mean you won’t be someday. 

Short for Volleyball - Tips for Serving

No matter how tall you are, there’s no reason you can’t develop good serving skills. If you’re a shorter player, there’s really no reason you can be as good a server as your taller teammates. Much like other skills, you can out work your competition by practicing your serving more than anyone else. 

Short for Volleyball - Tips for Blocking

There are many advantages to being a tall blocker, but there are also advantages for shorter players. For example, a shorter blocker is harder for a spiker to see. If you can hide yourself well, you can be deceptive with your block. You could sneak up on the block. Also, if you’re shorter, taller spikers may not see you as a threat. You could end up getting a lot of blocks because the spiker swings away as if you weren’t up there. Shorter players also have a lot of success winning jousts at the net. 

How to Grow as a Volleyball Player

Even though you're short, it's still important to continue to grow as a player. You can become a better player by being smarter. Here are my 3 tips for training to be a smarter player. 

  1. Work hard. Most players don't work. Keep at it and stay confident. 
  2. Work with intention. Everything you do should have purpose. 
  3. Make mistakes. You need to play to the edge of your ability. If you don’t, then you can’t grow as a player. You must celebrate your mistakes. 

Short Volleyball Player Tips
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