Volleyball Coaching Books

Reviews of volleyball coaching books for coaches and players. This isn't a list of my top recommendations.

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Why do some coaches always seem to have good players? No matter where, what level, or the gender... certain coaches always have good players.

Why is this?

Maybe it's certain training techniques. Or maybe good coaches follow a particular philosophy. 

Or maybe it's coach always has exceptional athletes. But then, there are many teams with great athletes that don't win the championships.

A basic truth is that all good coaches are good teachers. 

In volleyball, this means good coaches...

  • talk less and have players touch the ball more
  • train players
  • let players know what's expected
  • make players better which allows players to enjoy volleyball

Volleyball Coaching Books

In most volleyball coaching books you will find many drills. The word "drill" is a magnet to a volleyball coach. When a coach has a problem with their team they look to drills for a quick fix. Drills help ward off boredom by sparking creativity for practice.

Learning to coach is a process, just like learning to play volleyball is a process. 

Good coaches work to develop their coaching skills while evaluating their own strengths and weaknesses. 

Volleyball Coaching Books

It's important for coaches to continue being students of the game. 

If you're reading this page, it means you are open to learning. And there is nothing more important to a player or coach than the ability to expand one's knowledge base.

If you want to grow, you must step outside your comfort zone and try new things.

Are you ready to expand your volleyball knowledge? 

1) The Volleyball Handbook

The Volleyball Handbook

The Author

Bob Miller is legend high school volleyball coach. 950 wins and 7 state championships. 

About the Book

This book provides the expertise of veteran volleyball coach Bob Miller. Bob provides access to his knowledge and teachings in this practical guide that goes well beyond the fundamentals.

Each chapter is like a personal coaching clinic designed to help the individual player and team improve.

2) Aggressive Volleyball

Aggressive Volleyball

The Author

In 2012, Pete Waite had 305 victories that made him the winning-est coach in University of Wisconsin volleyball history.

The Book

This book will help you take a look at your team, teach you to understand how to recognize your player strengths and help identify the most effective tactics for your team. 

Other things you will learn to do...

  • recognize opponent tendencies
  • make in-game adjustments
  • shut down the opponents offense
  • develop the skills, tactics, and mindset necessary for aggressive play
  • apply situational drills that help improve individual skills
  • improve on-court decision making skills

3) The Volleyball Drill Book

The Volleyball Drill Book

This book was created by the AVCA. They wanted a book of drills that could give coaches tools and directions for running engaging practices. 

A comprehensive resource of 125 drills that cover all aspects of the game...

  • Warming up
  • Ball handling
  • Passing, Serving, Receiving
  • Team Building
  • Situational Play
  • Offense, Defense
  • Transition Play

4) Volleyball Steps to Success

Volleyball: Steps to Success

The Author

Bonnie Kenny was the head volleyball coach at the University of Delaware (15 years). 

Cindy Gregory is associate head volleyball coach at the University of Delaware. 

The Book

The book is designed to help players and coaches master the essentials of the game. 

This book is a comprehensive, progressive approach with a proven system for learning.

Each chapter is organized to show proper progressions for measuring improvement. You'll learn basic drills and strategies to becoming a well-rounded player. After skill work is complete, you will learn the basic offensive and defensive systems, transitioning, and out-of-system play. The last step is learn the finer points of what happens on the court such as player roles, substitutions, rotations, communication, and so on. 

As of October 2016, over 1.5 million copies of this book sold.

5) The Volleyball Coaching Bible

The Volleyball Coaching Bible (The Coaching Bible)

The Contributors

  • Doug Beal, Mary Jo Peppler, Taras Liskevych
  • Mary Wise, Mike Hebert, Teri Clemens
  • Russ Rose, Al Scates, Peter Hanson
  • John Cook, Terry Pettit, Jona Braden
  • Paula Weishoff, Steve Shondell, Dave Shondell
  • Pete Waite, John Dunning, Fred Sturm
  • Jim Coleman, Tom Pingel, Mark Pavlik
  • Bill Neville, Rudy Suwara, Jim Stone

The Book

This book is divided up into 5 sections.

  • Coaching Principles and Priorities
  • Program Building and Management
  • Innovative and Effective Practice Sessions
  • Individual Skills and Team Tactics
  • Game Winning Tournament - Winning Strategies

6) Winning Volleyball for Girls

Winning Volleyball for Girls (Winning Sports for Girls) by Deborah W. Crisfield (2002-04-03)

This is a comprehensive resource that cover all aspects of volleyball including rules, training, and strategy.

7) Coaching Volleyball: Offensive Fundamentals and Techniques

Coaching Volleyball: Offensive Fundamentals and Techniques (2nd Edition) (Best of Coaching Volleyball Book 1)

33 coaches contribute to this book. 

This book is basically a collection of short articles on various topics. 

This book is the volume 1 of 4 in the Coaching Series, focusing on the coaching of offensive fundamentals.

Unique topics include...

  • Short Zone Serving
  • Overcoming Mental Mistakes in Serving
  • Setter Training
  • Developing a Setter Centered Team
  • Setter and Quick Hitter Efficiency
  • The Right-side Attack
  • Effective Serve Receive Techniques
  • Utilizing the Best Receivers in each Rotation

8) Coaching Volleyball: Insights and Strategies

Coaching Volleyball: Insights and Strategies (Best of Coaching Volleyball Book 4)

25 coaches contribute to this book. 

This book is basically a collection of short articles on various topics. Most volleyball coaching books don't have this unique format. 

This book is volume 4 of 4 in the Coaching Series, focusing on volleyball insights and strategies.

Unique topics include...

  • The Art and Science of Coaching Feedback
  • Training Your Athletes to Trust
  • Mental Preparation
  • Effective Time-out Communication
  • Developing Team Leaders
  • The Role of the Team Captain
  • Statistical Program for High School Volleyball
  • Frequently Misunderstood Rules

9) Karch Kiraly's Championship Volleyball

Karch Kiraly's Championship Volleyball: Revised with an expanded chapter on beach volleyball!

The Author

Karch Kiraly is one of the most famous volleyball players of all time. Three gold medals and twice been named the best volleyball player in the world by the FIVB.

The Book

This is a book that explains all the basic skills including serving, bumping, setting, hitting, blocking, basic and advanced defense, and offensive strategies.

This book is different from most other volleyball coaching books in that there's also an expanded chapter on how to play beach volleyball.

10) Coaching Volleyball for Dummies

Coaching Volleyball For Dummies

This is a guide for coaching youth volleyball. How to teach skills at different age groups, how to run safe and effective practices, how to help struggling players, and tips for encouraging good sportsmanship.

Of all the volleyball coaching books I have, this might be the best for the beginner coach. 

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