Volleyball Drills Without Net

Volleyball drills without net. Here are volleyball drills you can do on your own without a net. 

Solo Drills - Volleyball Drills without Net

Pass to Self Drill
Have knees bent and keep your platform level as you pass the ball to yourself. Focus on passing the ball straight up and down. 

Set to Self Drill
Set a volleyball to yourself. Focus on perfect technique. Set the ball straight up and focus on stepping forward with the right foot with every set.

Partner Drills - Volleyball Drills without Net

Partner Passing Drill
Pass the ball back and forth focusing on control and accuracy. Move the feet and focus on using the same footwork with each pass. 

Partner Topspin Drill
Toss the ball to yourself and spike the ball to a partner. Focus on an extended vertical arm. Contac the ball by wrapping hand over the top. Aim to hit your partner in the chest. Your partner catches the ball and repeats the same back to you.

Pass, Set, Hit, Partner Drill
Do the pass, set, hit sequence with a partner. Pass the ball to your partner, your partner sets you, you then spike the ball so your partner can dig. Your partner digs to you and you then set the ball to your partner. The drill continues the sequence. This is a cooperative drill. Focus on sending the ball to your partner in such a way that keeps the drill going. For example, when you spike the ball to your partner, create topspin on the ball so it will be easier for your partner to dig the ball. 

Toss and Pass Drill
One player tosses the ball to their partner, who then passes it back. Players can vary the height and speed of the toss to challenge the movement to the ball. This is good drills for one coach and one player. The coach can judge the players ability and only make the drill as difficult as it needs to be. Focus on challenging the players range. Only make the drill as difficult as it needs to be to still be successful passing the ball. 

Wall Drills - Volleyball Drills without Net

Pass to Wall
Stand with knees bent and platform out in front. Pass a volleyball continuously to a wall. Focus on keeping the ball going. Keep the ball low on the ball. Be positioned near the wall to help with ball control. Focus on have the right foot forward with each pass. Do a series of passing the ball with the left foot forward.

Set to Wall
Set to a wall focusing on perfect technique. Focus on the hand position. Use the same symmetrical hand position with each repetition. Focus on the right foot forward with each set.

Spike to Wall
Toss and spike the volleyball to the wall. Spike the ball downward in such a way that the ball rebounds back to you could then spike the ball continuously. Focus on perfect technique. Wrap your hand over the top of the ball. Create topspin. Hit the ball in such a way that the ball rebounds so you can spike the ball continuously.

Serve to Wall
Focus on your toss and serve. Contact the ball in such a way that creates a floating action. Watch what the ball does after you contact it. Does the ball spin? Work to create a floating action. Do a series of serves where you are creating topspin. Look at the wall and imagine a net. Pick a spot on the wall that would be where the net would be. Aim to place the ball above the spot. Serve as if this was the net. Focus on being accurate with your serve. 

Blocking Technique
Standing in blocking position. Jump up and touch the hands to the wall. Focus on perfect blocking technique.

Pass, Set, Hit to a Wall
Pass the ball to yourself, set to yourself and spike the ball to the wall. Do this in such a way that keeps the ball going continuously. 

Footwork Drills without a Net or Ball

Approach to Spike
Practice the 4 step volleyball approach. If you are left handed, step left-right-left-right. If you are right handed, step right-left-right-left. Focus on a big step when you plant to jump. Use the arms during the approach. As you plant to jump, the arms should go back. Bring both arms forward as you are about to jump up. To develop consistent footwork for spiking, practice the approach for just 5 minutes a day.

Blocking Footwork
Stand in blocking position. Take a big lateral step to the left. Get both feet set and then jump straight up and mimic the blocking motion. Do the same movement moving to the right. 

Setting Footwork
Practice the left-right footwork for setting. Start by facing the incoming ball. Imagine there's an incoming pass, make a move and turn to face the outside hitter area. Practice the setter footwork for setting a ball that is passed to the target area. Practice the setter footwork for moving to a ball that's passed off the net.  

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Volleyball Drills Without a Net