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Discover youth sports training for success in youth sports. To be successful at working with young athletes, it really comes down to how well the coach can teach. 

To be successful, a coach needs to to do more than reading and studying scientific information on training.

Some important things to consider...

  • the differences in learning styles of the various athletes
  • varying levels of physical maturity
  • needs or interests of the athlete
  • the focus on cognitive processes as they relate to the importance of developing physical skills

Information Processing and Skill Development for Youth Sports Training

To make progress, the young athlete needs to develop the 3 phases of execution. 

  1. The Perceiving Phase
  2. The Deciding Phase
  3. The Acting Phase

Proficient athletes are able to sort through important information quickly and separate it from other less relevant information.

Proficient athletes are more effective and more decisive decision makers.

These 3 phases (perceiving, deciding, acting) take place in a rapid sequential manner.

Teaching Tactics - Youth Sports Training

In youth sports, a great deal of time is spent on teaching skills and tactics.

For volleyball, this involves team practices that are made up of structured lessons. 

Tactics and strategies should be developed in conjunction with technique development. 

Game (drills) should be modified to fit the physical maturity, cognitive capacity, and experience of the athletes. 

Skills are developed while incorporating the critical perceiving and deciding phases of learning.

The following are books I recommend for volleyball coaches and anyone working to accelerate the athletic development of youth volleyball players.

Training Young Athletes

Training Young Athletes (The Grasso Method)


Brian Grasso is a leader in the youth athletic development industry and has provided seminars on you athletic development to sporting organizations throughout the world. 

The Book

This is a book of articles on topics related to youth sports training which includes...

  • ACL Injuries and Youth Athletes
  • Coaching Styles
  • Shoulder Care for Young Athletes
  • Plyometrics
  • Flexibility
  • Endurance
  • Coordination and Movement
  • Strength Training
  • Teaching Technique
  • Vision Training
  • Warm Up
  • What Should Young Athletes Eat

Children & Sports Training

Children and Sports Training


Professor Drabik has worked closely with children and youth throughout his career, both as a coach and teacher.  

The Book

This book explains the correct ages for developing movement abilities and what exercises for developing these abilities at a given age. You will also have physical education lessons and workout examples that help teach skills while maintaining a high level of activity and intensity. 

Strength Training for Young Athletes

Strength Training for Young Athletes


William Kramer is a professor of physical education. 

Steven Fleck served as strength coach for the German Volleyball Association.

The Book

In this book you'll learn how to develop a safe and effective program that addresses physiological and physical maturation of each individual. You'll learn the latest information on strength training for children of all ages. 

Strength & Power for Young Athletes

Youth Strength Training: Programs for Health, Fitness, and Sport (Strength & Power for Young Athlete)


Avery Faigenbaum, EdD is a leading researcher and practitioner in the area of youth fitness.

Wayne Westcott, PhD has more than 35 years of experience in strength training as an athlete, coach, teacher, professor, and researcher. 

The Book

This book is a combination of theory and practice. This is a great "how to" resource for adults who intend to train young athletes building strength through resistance training.

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Youth Sports Training Tips

Progressive Plyometrics for Kids

Progressive Plyometrics for Kids


Don Chu is both an educator and coach that has trained many elite athletes.

Avery Faigenbaum is a leading researcher and practicioner in the field of youth fitness.

Jeff Falkel is a physical therapist and strength and conditioning coach. 

The Book

The book is for teaching kids how to perform plyometrics correctly. The explanations of how to perform the exercises are research-based, creative, and designed to be a lot of fun. 

Complete Conditioning for Volleyball

Complete Conditioning for Volleyball


Al Scates is the winningest college coach in history.

Mike Linn is a college strength and conditioning coordinator that's worked with the UCLA's men's and women's volleyball programs.

The Book

This is a book of drills, workouts, and programs that will benefit volleyball players and coaches.

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