College Volleyball Rules
Changes for the Collegiate Season

College volleyball rules, major adjustments to rules and game procedures for 2007-08 college season. 

Officials - College Volleyball Rules

  • Point Signal

    Previous Rule
    Raise the forearm and signal point by extending the index finger up. Use the hand on the same side as team to signal the point. 

    New 2007 Rule
    To signal point, extend the arm out to the side indicating the team that will serve next. 
  • Signal for Ball Crossing Under Net

    Previous Rule
    The signal for the ball crossing under the net was pointing to the centerline with anopen hand

    New 2007 Rule
    The new signal for the ball crossing under the net is pointing to the centerline with an extended index finger
  • Officials Arrival 

    New 2007 Rule
    Referees are to arrive 45 minutes before the start of the match. Their jurisdiction will begin once they arrive on the court, at least 30 minutes prior to the match starting.
  • College Volleyball Rules

    Game Procedure - College Volleyball Rules

    1. Play Interruptions 

      New 2007 Rule
      Play is stopped and play-over is directed as soon as a referee notices a foreign object in a playable area that could cause distraction or injury to players. If the players equipment is lost on the court and play must be stopped, a team delay penalty will not be assessed

    2. Substitution Procedure

      Previous Rule
      The player(s) leaving the court and the incoming substitute(s) must wait in the substitution zone near the sideline until authorized to make the exchange by the second referee. 

      New 2007 Rule
      When making multiple team substitutions, only one incoming substitute can be in the substitution zone at a time. 

    3. Media Timeouts

      Previous Rule
      In a match that is broadcast over television or radio, the length of timeouts may be extended at the discretion of media personal. 

      New 2007 Rule
      75 seconds is the recommended length for media timeouts. The maximum length of media timeouts is 90 seconds. 

    4. Uniform Numbers

      New 2007 Rule
      At the beginning of the 2009 season, if numbers are worn on shorts they must match the number on the jersey. 

    5. Improper Request 

      New 2007 Rule
      A teams request for entry of an illegal player shall be penalized with an improper request. 

    6. Improper Request

      Previous Rule
      An improper request that follows the first team delay in a game is charged as ateam delay penalty

      New 2007 Rule
      An improper request is assessed for the first improper request of the game, even if a team delay has already been issued. 

    7. Improper or Illegal Substitutions

      Previous Rule
      Any improper substitution request will be sanctioned with a team delay if a player actually comes on the court preparing to play. 

      New 2007 Rule
      An improper substitution request is a team delay if the request is recognized by a referee. 

    8. Communication with Officials
      Previous Rule
      When the ball is out of play, designated coaches may talk to the volleyball referees for clarifying a nonjudgmental ruling, confirming the number of timeouts or volleyball substitutions their team has used, requesting a sub, line up check, timeout, or lodging a protest. 

      New 2007 Rule
      Only one coach on a team may address the referee at a time.

    The Court - College Volleyball Rules

    1. Centerline

      Previous Rule
      All the court lines are 2 inches wide (5 centimeters) and must contrast in color with the floor and other lines. The court is divide by an uninterrupted centerline that extends from sideline to sideline that lies in the plane of the net. 

      New 2007 Rule
      Instead of using a solid colored 2 inch line, a shadowed 2 inch line is allowed. Also, the centerline may be an interruptedcenterline (4 inch lines separated by 2 inch spaces). 

    2. Net Pole Location 

      New 2007 Rule
      For facilities built after 2008, the net pole must be at least 1 meter from the court sideline.

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