Easy Volleyball Drills
Best drills for teaching youth volleyball

Easy volleyball drills for beginning volleyball players. 

Easy drills to master

The following volleyball drills are the most important drills to master when first learning to play volleyball. 

When learning how to spike... 

Claw drills 
The most important part of spiking is contacting the ball in a way that creates topspin. Topspin means the ball spins and drops down into the court after you hit it. 

Not only are you more likely to hit the ball downward, but you also have better ball control if the ball spins. 

The purpose of the claw drill is get in the habit of getting your hand in the optimal position for creating topspin. 

Think of clawing at the ball. The hand should be in a curved position as you make contact with the ball. 

For the drill, have each player get a ball. They self toss and while keep the hand in a claw like position, spike the ball. 

Easy Volleyball Practices

Box hitting drills 
Hitting on a box or platform at the net is an easy way to develop a consistent arm swing. Have players stand on a platform at the net and hit for two minutes. The focus is how the ball is contacted. Focus on clawing at the ball and creating topspin with each hit. This drill should be done at every practice until the skill of creating topspin is mastered. 

Toss and hit target drills 
After the contact is pretty good, the next thing a hitter can focus on is placing the ball in the court. From a platform or on the ground, practice hitting targets. 

In the game, you need to be able to hit to certain areas of the court. Players should master hitting the ball down the line. 

"Down the line, everything will be just fine" 

Also, master the cross court angle hit. 

Place targets on the court and have players aim for these spots. The deep corners are the tough balls to pass, so master these shots. 

Doing easy volleyball drills in practice is great when it's a drill players really enjoy. Everyone loves to hit, so implement spiking drills in practice and everyone should have a great time learning skills

When learning to serve... 

Serving targets 
Just like spiking to targets, you want to learn to serve to targets. 

There are 6 zones of the court. You want to master the 6 zones. Place targets in each of these zones and have players see how many in a row they can serve accurately to each spot. 

Serving can be really fun and easy to learn. It's always great when you have players perform easy volleyball drills and learn how to play at the same time. 

When learning to pass... 

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Youth Volleyball Drills

Important Easy Volleyball Drills

No swinging the arms passing drills 

The biggest mistake players make when first learning to pass is swinging the arms. The wall is a great tool for learning to pass without swinging the arms. Have each player get a ball and pass against the wall. For this drill, they must pass the ball without swinging their arms. Make the goal to pass consecutive off the wall in a continuous way. It's virtually impossible to keep the ball going if you swing your arms. 

If they are having trouble with consecutive passes, queue them to not swing. Have each player count how many in a row they can get. 

Partner passing drill 

Have players partner up and one tosses while the other passes. Make them really focus on not swinging their arms. 

Next, have players pass back and forth to one another passing without swinging their arms. 

When learning to set... 

Partner setting drill 

First, partner up players and have them set back and forth. The goal is to set the ball so the ball doesn't spin. If the ball spins, it's likely a double contact and will be illegal when playing in a game. Also, you'll usually have more ball control if the ball doesn't spin out of the hands. 

Setting to targets

Setting accuracy and consistency is important when it comes to winning. Getting the spiker a great set to hit is critical to success in volleyball. Have your setters set to a target and focus on hitting the target while at the same time the ball doesn't spin after the ball is set. 

Setting footwork drills are also important. The more consistent the footwork, the easier it is to get in position to set. 

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