Scorekeeping Volleyball
Techniques for scoring a match

Scorekeeping volleyball step by step instructions. 

Tips for Scoring Juniors

Arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the match start time. 

If you are playing the match before your work assignment, check in with the referee at the conclusion of your match. Let him or her know you will be keeping score for the next match. 

Materials needed for scorekeeping volleyball 

  • Two regular set scoresheets or one sheet that has two sets on it.

  • One deciding set scoresheet.

  • Two line up sheets.

  • One libero control sheet for libero tracking.

  • Visual scoreboard.

  • Black or blue pen, pencils, and eraser.

If any of this equipment isn't at the table when you arrive to keep score, ask the first referee for help. 

The Scoresheet

The volleyball scoresheet. 

Scorekeeping volleyball techniques the scoresheet

What you should fill out in pen is highlighted in yellow on the graphic. What you should fill out in pencil is highlighted in green on the graphic. 

Scorekeeping volleyball techniques what to fill out on the scoresheet

Header Section

Fill out the header section in pen if it hasn't already been filled out. 

Some categories you won't need to fill in. Categories you will always need to fill in are...

  • The date. Month, day, year separated by slashes.

  • The time the match is scheduled to begin. This isn't necessarily the actual time the match starts. The is done in international time. International time recognizes each hour of the day instead of using am and pm.

  • Division. What division is this? Men's? Women's? Coed? Mark the box with an X.

  • What category is this? Adults? Juniors? Again, mark the box with an X.

  • City, State, Court and Pool. Always use capital letters.
Scorekeeping volleyball techniques how to fill out the header section

Fill out the entire section of the officials section. 

Remember to use all capital letters. Last names followed by first names. It is okay to have the referee's fill in there names if their names are difficult to spell. 

Print your own name. Don't sign your name until after the set is completed. Your signature indicates that you have checked over the scoresheet and are sure everything is complete. 

Fill in your teams name and region. Remember, all capital letters. 

Scorekeeping volleyball techniques officials section first referee second referee

After the coin toss 

After the coin toss, the referee will tell you which team will serve first and what benches each team will occupy. 

Fill in the team information and serving status. 

Scorekeeping volleyball techniques after the coin toss

Mark an "X" in the S circle on the side of the team that serves first. Mark an "X" in the R circle on the side of the team that will receive first. Mark an "X" in the first service box of the receiving team. 

Enter Line ups 

One of the first things you need to do when scorekeeping volleyball is enter the starting line ups on the scoresheet. One of the numbers has a "c" next to it to show that this is the captain of the team. 

There is also one or two numbers or an "X" noted in the libero box at the top of the sheet. The "X" in the second box will indicate the team doesn't have a second libero. 

If there are two X's, the team will not be using any libero for the entire match. 

If both boxes are empty, ask the coach if the team will be using a libero. 

Transfer the starting players to the scoresheet. The player in I will be placed in I. Player in position II is placed in II and so on. 

Scorekeeping volleyball techniques entering line ups

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USAV Scorekeeping

Before the first whistle 

As the second referee is checking the line ups, you should do the same thing. Check to make sure you entered the line ups correctly on your scoresheet. Making sure the teams line up on the court matches the line up on your scoresheet is a good way to prevent future problems from occurring while scorekeeping volleyball. 

Once you are done checking the line ups, give the ready signal to the referees. 

You now have all the information on the scoresheet and are ready to keep score for the first set

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