Keeping Score in Volleyball
Deciding set instructions for scoring

Keeping score in volleyball for a deciding set and important tips for scorekeepers.

Deciding Set Scoresheet

The purpose of the design of the deciding set scoresheet is to keep the teams on the same side of the scoresheet. 

For the first half of the set, you will use the left side of the scoresheet. For the last half of the set, you will use the right side of the scoresheet. 

After the coin toss, the referee will inform you which bench each team will occupy and which team will be serving first. 

You will write in line ups the same as always except for the team that starts the match on your left will end the match on your right. 

Enter line ups on both sides at the start of the match. 

Scorekeeping scoresheet and how to keep score in usav and fivb volleyball

For the first 8 points of the deciding set, the time-outs and substitutions will be recorded on both the left and right sides of the scoresheet. 

You can see in this example, the time-out at 0 to 4 is recorded on both sides of the scoresheet. Also, substitution 14 for 2 is recorded on both sides. 

Scorekeeping scoresheet and how to keep score in usav and fivb volleyball third set sheet

What to do on the 8th point... 

After slashing the 8 on the left side scoring column, write an 8 in the "points at change" circle. 

You don't enter an exit score for player 21 on the left side because she will continue to serve after the court switch occurs. 

Next, transfer the last exit score from the far left side to the far right side. 

In this example, transfer 5 to the exit score for #3. Remember, you don't check the box. Only enter the 5. 

Remember to give the ready signal to the referees to indicate you are ready after the court switch. 

From this point forward you can ignore the left side of the scoresheet. 

End of the Match 

Enter the winning team name and their score. 

Enter the losing team and their score. 

Check over the scoresheet to ensure everything is correct and complete. 

Sign the scoresheet. 

Have the first referee get the coaches' signatures. 

Ensure the first referee signs the scoresheet. 

Scorekeeping scoresheet and how to keep score in usav and fivb volleyball end of match info

Tips for Keeping Score in Volleyball

  • When a replay is indicated by the referees, you will record nothing on the scoresheet.

  • If a mind change occurs (first referee changes a call), erase or white-out any changes to the scoresheet.

  • If you make a mistake when using pen and have no white-out tape, "X" out the mistake and write the correct information immediately following the X.

  • No two exit scores will ever be the same for the same team. Exit scores must always go up by one point.

  • At the start of every set, you will always have 3 X's on the sheet. One X goes over the S that denotes which team is serving. Another X goes over the R denoting which team will be receiving. The third X will be placed in the first service round box under the player in position I for the receiving team.

  • There are 3 actions to take every time a substitution enters the court. Slash the number of the player leaving the court and replace with the number of the substitution. Write the score at the time of the substitution. Last, slash the number in the total team substitution box.

  • It's important to know that more than one player can play in the same position on the court. In other words, more than one player can substitute into a single position.

  • Players may only play in one position for each set.

  • Notify the second referee when an illegal substitution occurs.

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