Hottest Beach Volleyball Players
Beautiful Women of the Beach

How the hottest beach volleyball players came to have great bodies. Learn how to train for beach volleyball and the bonus of developing a great looking body.

The following are some of the most gorgeous beach volleyball women in the world.

From the United States to Germany to Brazil.... you can find beautiful women playing beach volleyball.

Hottest Beach Volleyball Players

Suzanne Stonebarger

Creating the Beach Volleyball Body

You've probably noticed that most beach volleyball players have incredibly toned bodies.

Have you ever wondered if this is completely genetic? Or is it possible to create body like this?

Definitely the style of the sport has something to do with it.

More importantly, how the athletes must train and prepare to play along with the demands of playing professional beach volleyball factor the most into creating the incredibly athletic toned bodies you see today.

The following are important characteristics that contribute to creating the hottest beach volleyball players...

Type II Muscle Fibers. Consider the difference between a sprinter and marathon runner. A sprinter is made up of mostly T2 (Type II) muscle fibers, while a marathon runner is more T1 (Type I).

Muscle fiber type refers to how the muscle functions.

T1 fibers are slower contracting muscles.

T1 fibers are often referred to as slow twitch.

T2 fibers are fast contracting muscles. T2 fibers are often referred to as fast twitch.

Beach volleyball is a sport that involves fast explosive movements.

Beach volleyball would be considered a sport that involves using a lot more fast twitch muscles because it's an advantage to move fast on defense and explode up high to spike out of the deep sand.

Being strong and explosive is a huge part to success in professional beach volleyball.

Type II muscle fibers are a big part of this success.

The Hottest Beach Volleyball Players Have Muscles

Bigger, Stronger Muscles. To be fast and jump high, you need to be strong and explosive. Type II muscle fibers are the bigger faster muscle fibers.

Generally, athletes that have bigger muscles are also faster and stronger. Just look at a marathoner and a sprinter.

A sprinter is bigger and often leaner than distance runners.

Staying lean is another advantage to playing beach volleyball. The hottest beach volleyball players need bigger more powerful muscles to sprint fast and jump high. More muscle burns more calories. There are also advantages to high intensity exercise.

Exercise Intensity Matters. When it comes to burning calories and being fit, the intensity which you work your body matters.

For example, some people continue to burn calories after they exercise. This is basically the different between long slow aerobic exercise and fast explosive intense exercise.

Kerri Walsh

Beach Volleyball Hottie Kerri Walsh-Jennings

Types of exercise such as interval training that require strong explosive movements combined with rest periods have the greatest effect on EPOC.

EPOC (Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption) is the increased oxygen consumed after strenuous exercise to reduce the oxygen debt created by the activity. The result is a caloric expenditure.

Basically, your body burns additional calories after exercise while your body is recovering back to it's normal resting state.

Due to the nature of their sport, the hottest beach volleyball players burn a lot of calories all the time.

Kinesiology Taping

Katrin Holtwick of Germany was a very popular player of womens olympic beach volleyball of 2012.

Holtwick stood out during the 2012 Summer Olympics because of her flashy kinesio taping patterns.

Kinesio tape is believed to alleviate pain, reduce inflammation, relax muscles, enhance performance, and help with rehabilitation.

It is also believed to help the supporting muscles that are being used.

There's no doubt a placebo effect is involved. Many athletes see the tape as part of there uniform.

Putting on the tape becomes routine and many athletes feel they are ready to play once it's on.

Kerri Walsh Jennings

Kerri Walsh-Jennings

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