Basic Rules Volleyball

Basic rules volleyball and the object of the game and how to keep score.

Start with the Basics

If you're new to volleyball and unfamiliar with the rules, you can easily become overwhelmed and frustrated by them.

On the following page, we take a look at some of the more basic rules.

Some Basic Rules Volleyball

A basic volleyball match consists of 6 players on each side of the net.

Play begins when a server stand anywhere behind the baseline and hits the ball over the net to the opposing team.

The opposing team can then use three contacts to return the ball across the net.

During those three contacts, a player can't tough the ball twice in succession.

Teams may choose to use fewer than three contacts to return the ball, but at the advanced levels of play, teams generally use all three.

The first contact is a pass toward the net. The second contact is a set by a setter to an attacker. And the third contact hit across the net.

Basic Rules Volleyball

Captains Meeting and Coin Toss

Positions in Volleyball

At the advanced levels of volleyball, players have specialized roles, and player's switch to those positions after the service contact.

Coach's have players move around to take advantage of specific skills they have that give the team a better chance to score points.

One exception to moving players is that player in the back row cant' move to the net to block or attack a ball in front of the attack line.

Keeping Score

Every play ends with one team wins a point. A team doesn't have to serve the ball to record a point.

Officials consider a ball that lands on any part of the boundary line, and they rule the ball out if it touches the antennas, any of the cables outside the antennas, the referee stand, the ceiling, throughout or or anywhere outside the boundary lines.

Plays also end when the referee blows the whistle to make a call regarding a violation.

If the team that didn't serve wins the point, each player on that team rotates clockwise around the court after they win the point. The player in the right back position gets to serve the next ball.

However, if the serving team wins the point, the players on that team remain in position for the next point, and the player who delivered the serve does so again to start the nest rally.

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Rules of Volleyball Explained

Team Lineups

Teams submit lineups before each game. The order of this lineup is the rotation order that the players must maintain throughout the game.

Basic Violations

The following are some basic rules volleyball violations.

  • Serving order fault. When a team serves out of order, or when a player steps on or across the baseline while making contact with the serve.
  • A player makes prolonged contact with the ball, such as lifting, throwing, or carrying it, which are all illegal plays on the ball.

  • When a player makes contact with the top of the net during an attempt to make a play on the ball.
  • When a player crosses the centerline with the entire foot.
  • A player at the net reaches over the net and contacts the ball when the ball hasn't entered the plane of the net and the other team still has a contact remain and there is also a player there to make a play on the ball.
  • When a backrow player makes contact with the ball on or in front of the attack line when the ball is completely above the height of the net.
  • When a player blocks or attacks the serve.
  • When a player makes two consecutive contacts (not one attempt at making the play) with the ball.

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