Basic Volleyball Skills
Developing fundamentals are key to success in volleyball

Developing basic volleyball skills for success.


I'm sure you have often heard the key to success in sports is focusing on fundamentals. This statement is perhaps more true in volleyball than any other sport. 

The best teams are always the most highly skilled teams.

The most fundamentally sound teams have the best skills and are very confident. These highly skilled players have the ability to focus better than anyone else.

Basic Volleyball Skills

Success Breads Success

As player skills improve, standards increase. This is key if you want to have highly successful volleyball teams. As skill improves, the players expectation will increase. As a player learns, they will start to expect to be more successful.

Learning is fun and as skill level improves, players will naturally try to improve their skill level. This is a cycle that will never stop. As long as skill level is improving, players will never become "burned out". It's natural to never be satisfied. As long as the athlete believes and expects to improve, they will continue to always experience more success.

6 Basic Volleyball Skills

The six basic volleyball skills are passing, setting, spiking, blocking, digging, and serving.

Passing is often thought of as the most important skill in volleyball. If you can't pass the serve, then you won't ever put your team in a position to score a point.

The importance of serving is often undervalued. Many coaches don't teach players to serve aggressive and use this opportunity to give the team an advantage for scoring points.

Blocking is perhaps the least taught skill in volleyball. Players can get away with poor blocking skills because not blocking isn't going to hurt the team as much as being poor at executing other skills in volleyball.

Digging is another skill that isn't focused on quite as much as most skills in volleyball.

The setter position is considered to be the most important position in volleyball. The setter basically runs the team offense.

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Basic skills of volleyball

How to Play Volleyball

The object of the game is to score 25 points first.

Points are scored by winning the rally. One way to win the rally is by spiking the ball to the floor of the opponents court.

There are many other ways to win the rally.

Here are a few...

  • Hitting the ball off the opponent in way that ball isn't retrievable.

  • The opponent not being able to return a spiked ball back across the net successfully.

  • The opponent volleyball spiking the ball out of bounds.

  • Serving the ball so tough it can't be returned.

Basic Strategy for Winning in Volleyball

The big picture END RESULT that we're after is to win the game. You win the game by scoring points.

Now think of each skill in volleyball as having an END RESULT that you're after.

Always be focusing on the END RESULT

When first learning to play volleyball, skills should be taught with the end result in mind.

For example, the end result of the serve is the opponent passes or doesn't pass the ball.

The end result of the volleyball pass is the passer passes the ball to the setter to set the ball.

The end result of a set is a spike by an attacker.

The end result of a block is deflecting the ball coming from the opponent.


It's important to understand the end result that we're after.

For example, every single time a passer passes the ball, they should be aware of whether or not the ball was passed in such a way that made it easy for the setter to set it. The passer should be aware of this because this is their role on the team....passing the ball to the setter in way that makes the setter's job easier.

The better job a passer does passing, the easier it will be for the setter to set the ball to an attacker.

This is why developing basic volleyball skills is so important.

The main goal should always be on developing individual player skills

Jumping High to Spike

Developing Individual Playing Skills

Don't take the idea of developing basic volleyball skills for granted. The more developed a players individual skills, the more success your team will have.

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