Volleyball Cheers, Chants, and Sayings

Volleyball cheers for Celebrating Great Plays and Pumping up the Crowd!

Hey, hey
Hey, hey, are you ready?(clap, clap)
Are you ready?(clap,clap)
To play(clap)
Go team (clap)
Go team(clap)
(team name) all the way!

(repeat 4 times)


Everybody YELL YELL
(team name) (team name)
Go (team name)!

Hey Hey
You get out of our way
Today is the day
We will put you away!

Volleyball Cheers

We're number one

Can't be number 2
And we're going to beat
The whoopse out of you!


Defense, Defense
Get that ball!

(team name) are ready
(team name) are smooth
(team name) will take control
And stomp all over you!

Hey, You (team name) fans,
Stand up and clap your hands!
Go (team name) Go,
Go (team name) Go!
Hey, You (team name) Fans
Now let's see you wave your hand!
Go (team name) Go, Go (team name) Go!
Go (team name) Go, Go (team name) Go!

Celebrating a Win

Team Celebration

Serving an Ace Cheer

A - C - E ace, what what ace!

Uno dos tres, ace ace ace!


1, 2, 3!

Ace Ace Baby


ace ace in your face, awosh ah ah awosh

ahhh tap that ace!

Do an ace stomp then scream ace and twirl your hand in the air.

Chants for Spiking

(after a kill) bump, set, spike it, that's the way we like it!
jump up and hit it, that's the way we get it, POINT!

bump it, set it, spike it, thats the way we like it
goooo (team name)!

"Spike it to them!
Spike it to them!

You have to bump to set, you have to set to spike, you have to spike to win, Gooooo (your team name)!

You gotta bump it, to set it, to spike it, to score,
you gotta want it, to win it and we want it more!

Team Spirit Cheers

3,6,9 our serves are fine

bump it to me, set it to me one more time

get low, get low, put yo knee pads on the flo.

(everyone yells) YOU KNOW!

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Cheers for Volleyball

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