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Volleyball sports quotes to motivate and inspire volleyball coaches, players, and teams.

Nebraska University Volleyball Coach John Cook

“We have a responsibility as coaches to train athletes in a functional way. Our lifestyles promote poor posture, and our training methods develop imbalances in our athletes. Our goal at Nebraska is to develop functional athletes who play without pain and do not compensate on the court. If we can succeed with our program, the Huskers will always have an edge on the court.”

-- John Cook, Head Coach of the University of Nebraska Women’s Volleyball Team

Sports Volleyball Quotes by Great Coaches

“Tenacity can be any team’s strength, unless the team possesses an overriding lethargic attitude and is uninterested in a productive work ethic.” - Joan Powell

“The skill of setting is crucial to every team’s success…The ability to attack and score points effectively corresponds to a player’s ability to deliver a ball that is expected and located at the point the attacker wants it.” - Sean Byron

Doug Beal, Head Coach of 1984 USA Men's Olympic Gold Medal Team

To have a successful program, you must be able to develop an overall plan or blueprint of the goal. You then do your best to break down that ideal image into building blocks useful for laying the foundation of a winning program.” - Doug Beal Volleyball Sports Quotes

Volleyball is one of the most interactive games going. It is a game of intuition, imagination, improvisation - but most of all, of reciprocity - of teamwork. There is no way to free-lance in volleyball. - Marv Dunphy, from Kessel's Sport Quote Collection

Karch Kiraly Quotes

One of the best heckles I ever heard was a few years ago from one of my opponents, who was just having fun with me. He said. 'Hey, Karch, the '80s called, and they want your pink hat back.” - Karch Kiraly

Karch Kiraly Quotes

National Team Coach Karch Kiraly

How does Karch sum up 30 years of competition? "It's been an absolute blast," he says. "I played a kid's game, I got to do it at the beach, and I was able to support my family. I consider myself incredibly lucky." - Karch Kiraly

"It's hard to give a career like this up, when I tell my wife I'm going to the office, and it's the beach." - Karch Kiraly on retirement

Volleyball Sports Quotes
Are you a volleyball player that needs motivation?

A common problem coaches have is motivating their athletes. Volleyball isn't fun if you aren't motivated to play.

My advice?

Become a "Successful Seeker" instead of a "Failure Avoider".

You probably tell people all the time, "I have to go to practice. It's a requirement." You probably rarely tell people, "I get to go to volleyball practice. It's an opportunity."

It's the difference between waking up to an "alarm clock" and not an "opportunity clock." It's really all in how you look at things. 

It's all about how you communicate to others and how you communicate to yourself.

When you perceive choice, then you perceive motivation. The point is to be mindful of the choices you have. 

Are you a success seeker... Or are you a failure avoider?

It's all about mindset and how you talk to yourself and others.

And social support is critical. If you feel a connection with other people, you're motivated and happier. 

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