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Inspiring volleyball quotes can go a long way to improving confidence in young athletes. Coaches alway tell you to be more confident in yourself, but never actually tell you how to do it.

Many athletes don't realize that you can build confidence with the right exercises. 

4 major ways you can improve confidence...

1) Past Performance

We all have success in our past performance. What tends to happen with athletes is focusing on the negative mistakes in order to get better. We think that improving mistakes will make us better.

When we do look at the mistakes in a positive way this is when confidence really suffers. 

Make a list of past accomplishments and anything you've done well in your sport. Look at this list 4 or 5 times a week and tell yourself you're a really good athlete. This is the mindset you want to have. 

You can understand the negative and that you need to improve. And you have to know deep down that you are a very good competitor. 

People tend to be good at focusing on the negative. We need to get good at finding accomplishments. 

List your personal strengths. You'll always have your personal strengths to fall back on if you lose confidence. 

Inspiring Volleyball Quotes

2) Others Performance

HOPE. Hold On, Possibilities Exist.

Also, Here you get HOPE. By Hearing Other Peoples Experiences.

When you hear about other people having success, you realize you can have the success too.

You start to believe you can do it. They can do it, so why couldn't I?

It also helps when you feel you can relate to that person. They have the same challenges as you so you see yourself as trying to succeed at something similar. 

Look at the skill you use most frequently. Then look who else uses that skill. 

For example, if you are a left-handed setter in volleyball, look at other left-handed setters that have had a lot of success in volleyball. Watch athletes that do things similar to how you do things. 

If you see an athlete succeeded using the same skills as you, then you'll start to think you can do it too. 

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Volleyball Quotes for Success

3) Motivating Speeches/Talks

The pep talks are a popular method for improving confidence. 

Know what makes you confident. What sayings. What movies. What songs. 

Know what will turn on your confidence. Everyone has a personal on button for confidence.

You have to know what inspiring volleyball quotes will get you going.

4) Body Language

The way you act is the way you start to feel.

It works both ways. Simple things such as smiling can help make you feel more confident. Acting confident can lead you to feeling more confident.

You've got to be able to recognize it. You need to know what it looks like.

Know what you look like when you're confident. 

How do you walk, talk, and move your head. Where's your body? Do you move fast? Do you move slow? 

Watch what other success people do. Study how they move and act.

The most successful athletes carry themselves the same way whether they are up against a weak opponent or a strong one. You don't want to lose that swagger. 

When we get nervous we always go back to that rehearsed feeling. So make feeling confident a habit.

As you move confidently, you feel more confident.

You need to do all 4 of these things to build confidence. 

Practice being confident throughout your day. 


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