Volleyball Substitution Rules
NCAA, USAV, and High School

Volleyball substitution rules differ from organization to organization. 

High School Rules for Substitutions

A team is allowed a maximum of 18 substitutions per set (game). Each player is allowed unlimited entries within the team limit. 

Starting the set doesn't count as a substitution. 

A re-entering player shall not return to the set during the same dead ball in which the player was replaced. the re-entering player shall assume the original position in the serving order in relation to the other teammates. 

When teams have exhausted their 18 team substitutions or when no legal substitutionsare available, an exceptional substitution is permitted only for an injured/ill player in the following priority:

  1. By a player who has never played in the set or a player who has played in the same position earlier in the set:

  2. By any legal player on the bench, regardless of previous position played. An injured/ill player replaced by an exceptional substitution may not re-enter a set in which the exception substitution takes place. A team may not play with fewer than six players if there is a legal substitute (including an exceptional substitution) available;

  3. An exceptional substitution is counted as a team substitution if the team has not exhausted its 18 team substitutions.

Unnecessary delay is charged to the offending team when an illegal substitute attempts to enter or is found in the set. 

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Volleyball Substitution Rules

NCAA Volleyball 2009 Women's Rules Interpretations

Each team is entitled to 12 substitutions per set. Each player is allowed unlimited entries within the team limit. 

If the team requests a 13th substitution, the team is assessed an improper request, and the substitution is denied. 

Any number of players may enter the set in each position of the service order. Players re-entering the set must assume the original position in the serving order in relation to other teammates. 

The request for a substitute prior to the start of a set is permitted. 

After the set begins, substitution requests may be made by either a coach positioned in the bench or warm-up area or the playing captain. 

Substitution requests can be made verbally or by using the appropriate hand signal. 

If an incoming substitute enters the substitution zone, the action is considered to be a substitution request by a coach. No further action by a coach or captain is required. 

Volleyball substitution rules

USA Volleyball Domestic Competition Regulations

Twelve substitutions are the maximum permitted per team per set. Substitution of one or more players is permitted at the same time. 

A player in the starting line-up may leave the set and re-enter, but only in his/her previous position in the line-up. 

A substitute may enter a set in the position of the stating line-up. 

Unlimited individual entries by a substitute within the team's allowable 12 substitutions are permitted. Each entry must be to the same position in the line-up. 

More than one substitute may enter the set in each position. 

The sanction for a wrong position entry request is an improper request. 

An injured player (except the libero) who cannot continue playing should be substituted legally. If this is not possible, the team is entitle to make an exceptional substitution. 

Libero volleyball rules are fairly consistent for each organization. 

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